Interpol & Extradition


The world’s international police service, Interpol, was originally established to tackle Cross-border crime. Unfortunately, some countries, mostly those with a poor human rights record issue arrest warrants which require Interpol to issue a corresponding ‘red notice’ against innocent people as part of a growing trend of Interpol Abuse. Including using Interpol as a debt collection tool, as an extreme litigation strategy and to harass and intimidate human rights defenders. That’s why our expertise in getting red notices removed is vital for innocent victims of these rogue states that abuse Interpol.

We are a leading independent authority on defending extraditions to the UAE, and our record in preventing people being extradited from the United Kingdom to the United Arab Emirates is 100 per cent. We have always made the case that the justice system in the UAE does not guarantee an accused person a fair trial let alone the protection of the most basic of human rights.


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We work alongside the most experienced extradition counsel in the United Kingdom. In any extradition, time is of the essence in responding and getting the right team of lawyers and experts on board. An inexperienced lawyer and insufficient evidence on an extradition case can lead to losing the case and with-it irreparable damage.