PR & Crisis Management


In a world where news and gossip can go viral within seconds, it is vital to have skilled advisers on hand to protect your reputation and ultimately your welfare and livelihood. From arrest, detention, litigation, to cyber-attacks, we help anticipate issues before they arise, and deal with them effectively and efficiently when they do.

Often in Dubai and the wider Middle East a crisis starts with a criminal accusation, we can negotiate early with the police to prevent an arrest, thus avoiding the humiliation of detention, fingerprints and photographs being taken. Where appropriate, we can press for charges not to be filed, or otherwise to be dropped. Our media department will work to minimise the risk of leaks and can take out injunctions against potential leakers or potential publishers and will keep the press from the door.


Haigh International Justice provides strategic communications advice, PR, crisis management and campaigns, including:

  • Strategic communication
  • Crisis prevention
  • Crisis management
  • Press relations
  • Litigation PR
  • Social media strategy
  • Campaign management
  • Communications, media and crisis preparedness training